ManiaPlanet help

Download help file for Lag here ( its a PDF file )

Updated file @ 15 January 2014

Updated file @ 4 October 2013

Competition for MP3 Beta key is now closed!!!

Winner No.1 is :point13  ( contacted and provided )

Winner No.2 is :nikuhd ( contacted and provided )

Winner No.3 is :saryon ( contacted and provided )

Please winners go to the Maniaplanet forum and check your PM inbox, Nadeo will contact you there, and Congratulations !

Rules for winning a MP3Beta Key:

  1. You need to have a excisting Maniaplanet account
  2. Transfer 10 planets to login:richardhop
  3. No refunds
  4. The 50th, 100th and 150th player who does gets a MP3 Beta key ( so not every 50th etc )
  5. Key is handed out by Nadeo
  6. The winning login names (3) are also presented here on this site during Beta test
  7.  When you win you do testing/reporting on maniaplanet forum ( so you need a Maniaplanet forum account )
  8. When you win a MP3Beta Key you are under NDA from Nadeo
  9.  When you post topics in MP forum you need to read posted topics first 🙂